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Comprehensive Staff Inspections  

This course will provide focused and intensive training for law enforcement administrators responsible for staff inspection activities. The class accentuates organizational problem solving, rather than punitive inspection methods, through the emphasis of positive, non-adversarial intervention to improve unit effectiveness.

Agencies are under attack. Is yours ready? A new focus of this class will be on the use of inspections to evaluate your agency’s preparation for civil unrest. How prepared are you with up-to-date plans? Are you prepared for the subsequent scrutiny and investigations? We will also assess how your hiring and training will stand up when the spotlight is turned on you, and much more.

Topics Include

  • Mission and purpose of the staff inspection unit
  • Basic staff inspection methods and policies
  • Basics of organizational dynamics
  • Selecting the proper methodology for interviewing and fact-finding
  • Organizing data for effective analysis
  • Principles of written communication and elements of effective reports
  • How to "marry" inspections and accreditation to help gain, maintain and retain certification
  • Pros and cons of "making" and "not making" recommendations
  • Using inspections to enhance management team building
  • Using inspections to assist with professional development of managers and supervisors
  • Using inspections as a vehicle to enhance organizational accountability
  • Using inspections to identify and provide support for departmental economic planning and decisions
  • How staff inspections can help the agency improve on and maintain a healthy level of public trust


Law enforcement administrators and supervisors, accreditation managers, inspectors and auditors who are new to the role, and seasoned and trained inspectors looking for new ideas

Course Length

32 hours

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “This course was outstanding.” – Sgt. B.C.
  • “Excellent course – instructors were above expectations. Great job!” – Insp. D.J.
  • “I have a lot of new information to take back to my facility.” – Sgt. K.K.
  • “The instructors did an outstanding job. They were very knowledgeable and made the course very interesting. I would highly recommend this course to other people based on their instruction.” – Insp. M.E.
  • “As a new inspector, the course provided valuable tips for me to take to my agency.” – Insp. N.T.
  • “Course will help me start off on the right track.” – Lt. B.M.
  • “This is one of the most beneficial courses I have taken while in law enforcement. I’m going to implement a lot of things that were presented.” – Sgt. M.D.
  • “This course was very informative and will help with the overall process of staff inspections.” Ofc. J.D.


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