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Media Management   

Public confidence in public safety agencies is critical to their success. One of the most important ways for increasing public trust and support is by promoting an organizational philosophy of openness and candor with the community. While there are many paths to that goal, cultivating a positive working relationship with the media as a means of communication is an integral part of any agency’s operational plan.

This course focuses on real issues that regularly confront Public Information Officers and agency administrators in the management of both traditional news media organizations and emerging, non-traditional media platforms. You will learn to work more comfortably in an ever-evolving media environment and will gain confidence in your ability to manage media activities.

We will help you develop essential communication skills through group projects and role-playing activities. Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in “live” on camera interviews and will work through scenarios based on composites of actual public safety crises. Extensive time will be accorded to understanding how the media operates and how to effectively manage them at the scenes of critical incidents and crimes.

Topics Include

  • Survival skills for the PIO
  • Public Affairs Office organization and media policy
  • An in-depth look at the media, their role and ethics
  • Communicating agency messaging through news releases, on-camera interviews and social media
  • Planning and managing news conferences and media events
  • The challenges of social media
  • Managing the internal crisis
  • Challenges with on-scene media coverage, including perimeter management and media access, live streaming, and helicopters


Public safety information officers, line supervisors, middle managers, agency administrators, and anyone involved in information management

Course Length

24 hours


This course, previously titled Police Media Relations, is the oldest continuously functioning media management course in the country.


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