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Criminal Investigative Techniques  

This course will provide you with in-depth instruction of the processes and techniques that apply to all aspects of criminal investigations, from the initial response to the scene to the final courtroom presentation.

You will learn methods to evaluate a crime scene and determine the type of crime that has been committed and the physical parameters of the area of involvement. We'll show you how to properly locate, document, collect and preserve the physical evidence and effective techniques for interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects. You will also learn about networks and databases that can assist you in the investigative process.

Exercises will reinforce the classroom discussions as you build a case through the use of field notes, statements, physical evidence and laboratory reports.

During the course, we will teach you how to perform basic investigative duties and prepare you for future, more specialized training.

Topics Include

  • Crime scene analysis
  • Solvability factors
  • Recognition of physical evidence
  • Search warrant concerns
  • Crime scene sketches
  • Locating and preserving latent prints
  • Casting techniques - shoe wear and tire impressions
  • Photography documentation
  • Introduction to interviews and interrogations
  • Case reporting
  • Sources of intelligence
  • Court preparation


Patrol officers, newly assigned and seasoned detectives, investigations supervisors, crime scene technicians, medical examiner and coroner investigators, military investigative personnel, non-sworn personnel who must effectively interact with sworn officers

Course Length

40 hours

What to Bring

Clothing suitable for field exercises that may involve fingerprint powder contact.

What Our Students Are Saying

  • “I really enjoyed this course!” – D.N.
  • “Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields.” – D.M.
  • “Good overall information for beginning investigators– addresses multiple areas of investigations” – M.M./li>
  • “Excellent in fingerprint and evidence collection. I learned a lot.” – M.B.
  • “Instructors are extremely experienced and demonstrated that through their teaching. This course taught me more than anticipated.” – Ofc. J.A.
  • “I picked up a lot of information regarding investigations.” – Sgt. B.H.
  • “All of the information was awesome.” – Dep. C.H.
  • “Well put together and competent instructors, that were well-received.” – Det. B.S.
  • “I benefited from the entire class. Extremely engaging and informative.” – Det. D.G.


Criminal Investigative Techniques
    10/28/2019 - 11/1/2019 Jacksonville  Florida    
Class times:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Fee: $795.00
Hotel and Location Information:  IPTM - University of North Florida
Adam W. Herbert University Center, 12000 Alumni Drive, Jacksonville, FL  32224
Instructor(s): John Hinton, Nancy Sulinski-Steffens