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Property and Evidence Room Management   

From the time evidence is collected, through the presentation of evidence in the courtroom, to the final disposition and disposal, this course will provide you with all the information you need to maintain the security and integrity of your department's property and evidence. You will learn how to properly document, inventory, control, dispose of and purge property and evidence of all types.

Lectures will focus on the physical security of the property/evidence room as well as the legal issues pertaining to the operation of such facilities. OSHA requirements and regulations will be discussed and storage solutions for the evidence room will be explored. You will learn about the special considerations surrounding hazardous, bio-hazardous, and other special risk items as well as preferred procedures for packaging the evidence for storage and submission for testing.

Topics Include

  • Physical security of property and evidence rooms
  • Policies and procedures relating to the evidence function
  • Legal issues pertaining to the operation of evidence facilities
  • Evidence packaging for storage and submission for testing
  • Evidence integrity
  • Computerization of property and evidence rooms
  • Narcotics destruction - burn procedures and certification
  • Bio-hazardous evidence storage and destruction
  • OSHA requirements and regulations
  • Personal safety issues
  • Storage solutions


Sworn law enforcement officers, as well as non-sworn property and evidence custodians and supervisors responsible for overseeing their departments’ property and evidence facilities

Course Length

16 hours

What to Bring

  • Photos of your property/evidence section (Optional)

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What Our Students Are Saying

  • “All of the different agencies and their discussions on how their agency conducts business is very beneficial to the rest of the class.” – A.W.
  • “Clear precise methods given an example form which allows practical application upon returning to agency.” – B.H.
  • “Great real-life examples to explain the proper and improper way to organize, plan and manage the property and evidence room.” – A.S.
  • “Really good course for someone new to property and evidence. Excellent information, good presentation and good participation.” – A.F.
  • “Superior instructor. Gives subject on topic and keeps things interesting.” – W.P.
  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable. The course was excellent and the information was very helpful. The PowerPoint was excellent and the student participation was encouraged throughout his presentation." – E.W.
  • "Awesome instructor! Knows and has lived the subject in and out. Very personable and great interaction w/all the students.” – Dep. J.D.

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