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Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety  

This course teaches the effective and efficient deployment of agency resources using the highly successful DDACTS (Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety) operational model. The workshop is designed around specific job functions and it is important that each agency send a commander, a supervisor and an analyst to the training.

DDACTS is a place-based operational model using traffic crash, crime, and enforcement data to conduct the systematic and justifiable deployment of resources where the prevalence of traffic crashes and crime occur. It establishes a clear relationship between traffic crashes and crime and renews the emphasis on traffic safety as a tool to reducing crashes, crime, and other social harms.

During the course, you will learn the seven guiding principles of DDACTS and the best practices for implementing each using your available workforce and data resources. We will show you how to build support both internally and externally that will facilitate acceptance of the strategy. And we will teach you how to adapt the model to fit your agency’s size, culture, supervision, and deployment strategies.

Topics Include

  • DDACTS philosophy, strategies, and tactics
  • Partner and stakeholder participation
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Strategic Operations
  • Information sharing and outreach
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and adjusting
  • Outcomes



At a minimum, each attending agency should send at least one commander, one supervisor, and one analyst to this training. Agencies are also welcome to send additional personnel in addition to the above.

Course Length

16 hours

What to Bring

We strongly recommend bringing a laptop for group activities.


Funding for this course has been provided by the Florida Department of Transportation. A limited number of tuition grants have been made available for Florida law enforcement officers and data personnel to attend free of charge.


What Our Students Are Saying

  • “Having the opportunity to create a DDACTS plan with those I work with daily was very beneficial.” – Cpl. J.H.
  • “Outstanding course!” – Capt. R.B.
  • “The instructors were able to thoroughly present the material and explain the desire results. Great course.” – Capt. W.G.
  • “Making the connection between traffic crashes and other crimes was beneficial. Very good class.” – Det. S.J.
  • “Good for my team to receive the formal training that we have been working on internally for the past year.” – Ofc. C.S.
  • “The instructors have real world knowledge. Excellent presentation.” – Dep. B.H.
  • “I gained confidence that the system works.” – Dep. S.O.
  • “This course afforded me the opportunity to focus on DDACTS (mentally) for two days and work with my crime analyst in a group setting. I enjoyed attending this class after I had already been introduced to DDACTS and we were already making some attempts to implement it in the field. It helped me learn more with regard to how to implement our strategies.” – Cdr. R.J.


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