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Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction  

This 24-hour course is presented free of charge by the Drug Interdiction Assistance Program of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The class is designed to familiarize law enforcement personnel with the current trends and patterns surrounding the involvement of commercial vehicles in significant criminal activity. You will learn to identify and apprehend transporters and users of illicit drugs and rapidly identify other types of criminal activity involving commercial vehicles.

Topics Include

  • The norms of the commercial vehicle industry
  • The indicators of commercial vehicle criminal activity
  • Current drug trafficking trends and smuggling patterns
  • Current criminal trends and trafficking patterns involving commercial vehicles
  • Bulk drug movement indicators and detection methods
  • Commercial vehicle driver interview techniques
  • Indicators of a driver using, possessing, selling, or hauling illicit drugs
  • Commercial vehicle rapid assessment/criminal interdiction techniques
  • Commercial vehicle contraband concealment techniques
  • Commercial vehicle search techniques
  • Characteristics of impaired CMV drivers
  • Compliance to search and seizure law(s) applicable to roadside encounters
  • Use of the El Paso Intelligence Center ~ EPIC


This free training is intended for Florida law enforcement officers who have a duty and responsibility to enforce traffic laws and conduct vehicle stops.

Course Length

24 hours


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