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Pedestrian and Bicycle Law Enforcement: Laws, Procedures and Best Practices  

Funded by the Florida Department of Transportation, this class is specifically for Florida law enforcement officers. It is designed to help agencies enhance their local pedestrian and bicycle safety efforts and address the high injury and fatality crash problems in their communities.

As part of the class, we will discuss the crash problem and common violations that are contributing to pedestrian and bicyclist deaths and injuries. You will learn the Florida laws governing pedestrian and bicyclist movements as well as the vehicles driving in their proximity. Most of all, we will discuss common sense education and enforcement actions that can be taken to create a safer walking and biking environment in your jurisdiction.

Topics Include

  • Common causes of crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Florida’s laws governing pedestrian and bicyclist movements
  • Laws and duties of motor vehicles driving near pedestrians and bicyclists
  • General enforcement principles
  • Common sense education and enforcement actions
  • Using a comprehensive approach to addressing local crash problems
  • Best practices, Road Safety Audits, and Safe Routes to Schools
  • Educational materials and other resources available to your agency


Florida law enforcement officers

Course Length

4 hours


This four-hour class satisfies the training requirement for Florida law enforcement officers who wish to take part in overtime enforcement operations under the Florida Department of Transportation’s Pedestrian/Bicycle Focused Initiative High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) contracts.


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