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Intro to Monologue Study & Auditioning for Theater  

This introductory workshop in Monologues & Auditioning for Theater is part of a new Theater Workshop Series. This workshop is designed for the professional or amateur actor looking to improve their skills in monologue selection, preparation and delivery at auditions.

This workshop will cover physical preparation, breaking down a piece of text quickly, how to identify and communicate efficiently: Who am I? What do I want? What am I doing to get what I want? The workshop will also cover how to effect change in your audience, how to better access emotional states, as well as monologue selection, preparation and auditioning with a monologue.

This is a hands-on learning workshop that requires a high level of participation.

The course will be co-led by the dynamic duo, Katherine Harte-DeCoux, Actor, Director, Producer, and Founder of Mortal Folly Theatre and Laura Henderson, Actor, Director, Producer, and Foley Artist.


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