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The Magic and Science of Trees   

Trees and humans have a long and interesting history together. In addition to the joy that trees bring us, they also give us food, building materials, and the Oxygen we breathe. There’s also a lot of things that trees do behind the scenes; they filter pollutants, store Carbon, reduce storm water runoff, and save us millions of dollars annually in heating and cooling costs.  While this is not a tree identification course, you will learn how to select the right tree for your location so that it will enhance the beauty and health of your landscape – and – save you money! The course is divided into three sections 1) Trees in the Landscape: A Lecture, 2) an introduction to MyTree ® landscaping software, and 3) a walk around the Food Innovation Center Campus, to look at trees and discuss their function and placement.

Note: If you have one, please bring a laptop. 


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