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Composting and Vermiculture Composting   


Do you want to lower your carbon footprint and make your own organic fertilizer in one simple process? Learn to compost! Composting is the process for recycling wastes like kitchen scraps and grass clippings into an organic soil amendment that will help your garden retain moisture and support beneficial microorganisms. Vermiculture composting uses worms to recycle food scraps and other organic material. These two methods are a great alternative to putting food and yard wastes in landfills, where they generate methane. Join us in this 2-hour class to learn the basics of vermicomposting at home. We will provide each student with a pound of worms to get started in your own vermicomposting adventures. 

Note: If you have an old plastic bin (at least 10 gallons) that you would like to use for worm composting, please bring it.  


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