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The Art of Goodbye: An Interdisciplinary Approach to End-of-Life Education    NEW!

Lacking information, confidence, candor, support, strength, and fortitude, it is common for individuals and families to defer to loved ones and health care providers, hoping beyond hope that they will instinctively know how to carry out their wishes at the end of life. This shifting of onus can wreak havoc on survivors’ well-being, negatively impacting relationships and finances well beyond the loss. This series is offered through University of Florida/IFAS Extension and helps participants explore end-of-life concerns. Participants will identify personal values and beliefs that will help them begin to plan and communicate with family, friends, and healthcare providers with greater self-determination. By breaking the silence through group learning sessions we begin to normalize conversations that have been historically taboo in our society. Individuals and families benefit when guilt, shame, and conflict can be discussed and minimized. Relationships are strengthened through meaningful communication and planning.

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