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The Raptor Series- Birds of Florida: Falcons, Vultures, Caracara and Miscellaneous   NEW!

Choose one, two, or all three in this series. Birds that hunt for a living are fascinating! Some swoop down from high places at speeds up to 200 MPH! Others sit quietly and meld into the background until a likely meal passes by. Some hunt at night, some over ponds and streams while others course endlessly over wetlands and swamps.

We are blessed with three different species of falcons in this area. Once the source of pride and “bragging rights” of long ago royalty the sport of falconry is still with us today. Known for their swift flight falcons are adept at capturing prey in flight. Vultures are invaluable to us as they take on the task of keeping our fields and forests free of vermin. Are crows raptors?


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