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Lost Springs: Experience the Ocklawaha River through Film and Stories   NEW!

Lost Springs is a documentary film produced by Matt Keene that follows artist Margaret Ross Tolbert as she experiences a collection of freshwater Florida springs normally drowned due to the Rodman/Kirkpatrick dam. The film follows the course of a drawdown of the dam’s pool which happens every three or more years, exposing a submerged world normally hidden below the high waters of the dam. Tolbert sketches and paints scenes from this world, looks into the history of the dam and the impacted Ocklawaha River, and joins a team of local and regional experts on a boat trip upriver to witness the revealed and transient landscape and to find the lost springs of the Ocklawaha.

Lost Springs highlights the uniqueness of a historic and free-flowing Ocklawaha River and the importance of this river to Florida. January 1971 will be the 50th Anniversary of the halting of the Cross Florida Barge Canal. Marjorie Harris Carr, Florida Defenders of the Environment, and the Environmental Defense Fund pressured President Nixon to stop the project. Although the Canal was halted, the Rodman/Kirkpatrick Dam was completed before the presidential action and never served its intended purpose. The project devasted 7,500 acres of cypress forest, 20 springs and 16 miles of river. The dam is past its 50-year life expectancy and millions are needed to repair the dam.

1:00 PM- Program and speaker introduction: Margaret Spontak
1:05 PM- Film introduction: Matt Keene, Filmmaker (Pre-recorded)
1:10 PM- Film viewing: Lost Springs (40 minutes)
1:50 PM- Panelists/Storytellers:
The Amazing Strippers & Crusher Crawler: Erika Ritter, Ocklawaha River Guide
The Silver River Story: Bob Knight, Florida Springs Institute
Manatee Heaven and the Wildlife Corridor: Elizabeth Neville, Defenders of Wildlife,
2:15 PM- Question & Answer Session Margaret Spontak, Chair, Free the Ocklawaha Coalition


Lost Springs: Experience the Ocklawaha River through Film and Stories  NEW!
Instructor:  Margaret Spontak
Course #: SPE173
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
This class meets 1 time on: M, 11/23/2020

Members: Free; Non-Members: Free

Location: Circle Square Cultural Center
Seats Available: 347

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