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Socrates and More Mondays  

"Let him that would move the world first move himself." Socrates helped others examine their lives, and thinking, by asking questions. Participants in Socrates & More examine their ideas, opinions and dogmas on a variety of topics.

Dialogue is stimulated by TEDx talks, participant's suggestions and current events. Differing ideas, and opinions are expected and welcome. No topic/subject is off-limits. Dialogue is dynamic and always respectful. By participating in this experience, we have the opportunity to become more thoughtful, tolerant and rational.

In his essay, Creative Democracy, philosopher John Dewey wrote, "I am inclined to believe that the heart and final guarantee of democracy is in free gatherings of neighbors on the street corner to discuss back and forth what is read in uncensored news of the day, and in gatherings of friends, to converse freely with one another. Intolerance, abuse, calling of names because of differences of opinion about religion or politics or business, as well as because of differences of race, color, wealth or degree of culture are treason to the democratic way of life."


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