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Power Genealogy Series: Research Plans   NEW!

The Power Genealogy Series includes little used research techniques that really work!

Do you know the basic data about your ancestors, but long to know "the rest of the story." Do you have an ancestor you just can't find anything about? Perhaps you're a pajama genealogist: be-bopping around cyberspace looking for that elusive ancestor, but feeling disappointed when you turn off your computer each night? Wish you could travel to your ancestral village to extend your research, but time and/or money is an issue? Family History Daily says that less than 10% of genealogy related records are online. Join us for one or more sessions in this series to learn how to use online tools to plan and execute offline research effectively and affordably. And you won't need a plane ticket, a week off or a second mortgage.

Use project management techniques to improve your research success. Your research can prove more fruitful in less time if you spend a few minutes planning first. We'll cover goal setting and how to use online locality guides to find the next best resource.


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