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Stained Glass Beyond Beg.- Glass Plating "Ship In A Bottle"   NEW!

This fast-paced class is intended for students who know how to cut glass. This Stained Glass "ship in a bottle" is yours to make. Students will learn how to plat glass. The ship is one part and the bottle is the second part.

Popularized by Tiffany in his windows, glass plating is a technique of using multiple layers of glass to create shadows, depth, and rich colorations not possible with single a layer of glass.

There will be an additional fee of $15.00 for materials paid to the instructor on the first day of class plus a small supply of items to be brought from home.

Supplies items to be brought from home:
One roll of paper towels
One old towel (Any size)
Window cleaner (just something you already have home)
Small rags of 100% cotton, if you have any


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