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L.E.A.F. Series Term 2   

Learn, Explore, Appreciate & Focus at this monthly educational series hosted by Sholom Park.  Special guest speakers share their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics that relate to wildlife & nature, the great outdoors, or the parks mission for finding inner peace.  Join us the third Friday of each month from October through December for an outdoor and interactive learning experience.


October- From Flower to Honey
Get the buzz on a bee’s life with Rubbin Loos from Queen of America Beekeeping Club.  Rubbin has been a beekeeper for nearly 40 years.  His bee presentation will show you how teamwork makes the beehive thrive and how these special little pollinators make our world a sweeter place. Register in advance to participate in a honey tasting and a chance to win 2 lbs. of sweet honey.   

November- The Roots and Branches of Zen: Spirituality, Nature, and Culture
Dr. Mario Poceski is a professor of Buddhist studies and Chinese religions at the University of Florida. His presentation will introduce the philosophical perspectives and contemplative practices of Zen Buddhism and its impact on traditional Japanese culture. He will focus on how Zen’s rich heritage involves the intricate intertwining of spirituality, nature, and culture. You will also get a virtual glimpse of Sholom Park’s soon to be Zen Garden so you too can practice Zen meditation in nature. Register in advance to participate in a Japanese tea tasting and a chance to win an orchid.

December- To Prune or Not To Prune
Now is the time to make a proper pruning plan. Learn the best time and technique to pruning flowers, plants, and trees with Sholom Park Manager Brian DeVane. Proper pruning will help strengthen and shape limbs, stimulate flower and fruit production and improve the plants overall health. Join us for this interactive learning experience so your plants can reap the benefits of proper pruning. Register in advance for a chance to win professional hand pruners.


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