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The Lore and Wildlife of the Silver River  

This will be a slow-poking exploration, geared toward inquisitive paddlers who are more interested in learning wild lore than covering distance. Unlike our other paddle tour/classes, this one will only cover a couple of miles in total, allowing time to drift, observe and learn about the river's plants, animals, archaeology, history and other wild lore. If you want to see more of the river and learn a bit less of its wild lore, I recommend one of the other great courses offered in this catalog.

Meeting time (at launch site): 10 AM. There is a $6 Park Fee. Trip duration: 2.5 hours. Difficulty: Easy paddle, going downstream and then returning against a light current. Skill level: Good for beginners Kayaks are provided. After registering for the class, participants should call (386) 454-0611 during the week prior to the trip to discuss any special needs or requests and confirm an email address for launch site directions. Lunch not included in price.



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