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The following are our Language & Linguistics categories related to learning a language or the study of languages.

English For those pursuing English as a second language and other topics related to English.

French Bienvenue and welcome to those wanting to explore the French language.

German Willkommen and welcome to those wanting to explore the German language

Japanese Japanese instruction by a native speaker.

Latin For the study of this classic language

Sign Language Instruction and practice in American Sign Language.

Spanish Hola and welcome to those wanting to explore the Spanish language.

Literature & Writing – The study of or techniques of written expression.

The following are our classes related to Music, Theater, and Media.

Media Topics relate to production, expression, and performance of a number of performing arts.

Music For classes related to the history, production and performance of musical forms.

Theater Topics relate to both live theater and film(video).

Philosophy – Topics that cover the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.

Religion – Classes that include the study of systems of faith and worship, or spiritual practice.

Storytelling – Classes include the storytelling craft as a performance.


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