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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math  

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Mathematics – Topics that relate to computation or patterns in nature and how they are applied.

Natural Science – Subjects such as physics and biology that center on the description, prediction, and understanding of natural phenomena.

Our Universe – Topics that relate to space exploration, astronomy, and cosmology.

Science Stories – Stories of scientific discovery and the methods of science.

Technology & Engineering – Classes cover technological advancement and the future of the creative application of discovery.

Android Devices – Using cell phones and tablets with the Google Android operating system installed.

Apple Devices – Using cell phones and tablets with the Apple iOS operating system installed.

Internet & Cloud Computing – As the world becomes more interconnected, classes cover topics related to the World Wide Web and the delivery of services from the Internet.

Macintosh Computers – Courses from basic skills and beyond related to the use of Macintosh computers.

Programs & Software – Whether the term is app, software, or program, this category covers several products that run on individual computers or devices.

Windows Computers - Courses from basic skills and beyond related to the use of Microsoft Windows computers.

Other Computer Systems – Topics in this category include computer systems not covered in our other computer or device categories.


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