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Ageless Adventures   


This special family program blends generations and enables grandparents (or parents) to participate in a class with a youthful partner. This listing is in date order.

Please note the following registration options related to Ageless Adventures programs:

Per Child – When enrolling for this course, you will register using the child’s name*. The parent/guardian can attend without registration.

Per Project – When enrolling for this choice, you will enroll one (1) child* to complete one (1) project, which can include the adult assisting in the completion of the project. If you instead choose to make individual projects, you will need to register the child* and adult separately. Additionally, if you have more than one (1) child and you wish each child to complete their own project, you will need to register each child* separately.

Per Person – each child* and adult must register separately.

* When registering a child, if an account has not already been created for the child, you must create an account using the child’s name and complete all other account information using the parent/guardian contact details.

There is a 14 business day cancellation policy for all Ageless Adventures classes. Adults must attend with a child.


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