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Intermediate SQL (online)   

Discover how to write powerful SQL queries that enable you to retrieve data from one table or from multiple tables stored in the database simultaneously. In this course, you will learn how to retrieve more meaningful data from one or more tables stored in a database. You will learn how to merge data from multiple columns, how to create calculated fields, and how to order and group the results from a query. You will also learn how to create a single join query or subquery to obtain data from multiple tables simultaneously.

  • Intermediate SQL (online)
  • CRN 35559
    Fee: $245.00
    Instructor: Cecilia Allison
    Capacity Remaining: 50
    Dates: 7/5/2022 - 7/29/2022
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    This class is part of the SQL Certificate program and can be taken withing that package or individually.

    This online class takes place asynchronously from July 5 to 29.