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The Measure Phase for the 6 s Black Belt   

The Measure Phase for the 6 s Black Belt #4ABOUT THIS COURSE

This course is designed for professionals interested in learning the principles of Lean Sigma, the DMAIC process and DFSS. This course is number 4 of 8 in this specialization dealing with topics in the Measure Phase of Six Sigma.

Professionals with some completed coursework in statistics and a desire to drive continuous improvement within their organizations would find this course and the others in this specialization appealing.

Method of assessment consists of several formative and summative quizzes and a multi-part peer reviewed project completion regiment.

Estimated Learning Time:  22 hours


Probability & Statistics

General Statistics


Course Instructor PhotoLois A. Jordan
Lecturer of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Course Instructor PhotoDavid Cook, PhD
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology
Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • The Measure Phase for the 6 s Black Belt
  • Fee: $59.00