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Critical Path Analysis Using Lucidchart   

a woman uses sticky notes on a whiteboardABOUT THIS COURSE

‘Critical Path Analysis Using Lucidchart ” guided project is for anyone who wants to learn the Critical Path Method for project schedule planning. This project will benefit professionals wanting to broaden their knowledge and skillset in the area of project management. Project Coordinators and entry-level managers seeking to obtain project management certifications will also find this project complementary to their studies. To complete the project you will need a Lucidchart account. In this project we are going to focus on three main learning objectives: creating a Precedence Diagram using Lucidchart, learning how to use the Critical Path Method for project planning, and performing Critical Path calculations. By the end of the project, you will learn how to create a precedence diagram using Lucidchart and will be able to perform critical path calculations to analyze your project schedule.

Difficulty Level: INTERMEDIATE

Estimated Learning Time:  1 hours


Leadership and Management

Project Management

Strategy and Operations


Course Instructor PhotoMaria Zvezdkina
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  • Critical Path Analysis Using Lucidchart
  • Fee: $59.00

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