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Intro to Analytic Thinking, Data Science, and Data Mining   

Doing analytic analysis on a laptopABOUT THIS COURSE

Welcome to Introduction to Analytic Thinking, Data Science, and Data Mining. In this course, we will begin with an exploration of the field and profession of data science with a focus on the skills and ethical considerations required when working with data. We will review the types of business problems data science can solve and discuss the application of the CRISP-DM process to data mining efforts. A brief overview of Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics will be provided, and we will conclude the course with an exploratory activity to learn more about the tools and resources you might find in a data science toolkit.

Difficulty Level: INTERMEDIATE

Estimated Learning Time:  7 hours


Business Analysis

Data Analysis

Data Management

Probability & Statistics

Big Data

Data Structures

Theoretical Computer Science


Course Instructor PhotoDursun Delen

Course Instructor PhotoJulie Pai
Assistant Director of Technology Programs
Division of Continuing Education

  • Intro to Analytic Thinking, Data Science, and Data Mining
  • Fee: $59.00

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