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Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software   


Learn to code in Java and improve your programming and problem-solving skills. You will learn to design algorithms as well as develop and debug programs. Using custom open-source classes, you will write programs that access and transform images, websites, and other types of data. At the end of the course you will build a program that determines the popularity of different baby names in the US over time by analyzing comma separated value (CSV) files.

After completing this course you will be able to:
1. Edit, compile, and run a Java program;
2. Use conditionals and loops in a Java program;
3. Use Java API documentation in writing programs.
4. Debug a Java program using the scientific method;
5. Write a Java method to solve a specific problem;
6. Develop a set of test cases as part of developing a program;
7. Create a class with multiple methods that work together to solve a problem; and
8. Use divide-and-conquer design techniques for a program that uses multiple methods.

Difficulty Level: BEGINNER

Estimated Learning Time:  17 hours


Computer Programming


Course Instructor PhotoOwen Astrachan
Professor of the Practice
Computer Science

Course Instructor PhotoRobert Duvall
Computer Science

Course Instructor PhotoAndrew D. Hilton
Associate Professor of the Practice
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Course Instructor PhotoSusan H. Rodger
Professor of the Practice
Computer Science

  • Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software
  • Fee: $59.00

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