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Managing the Organization   

teamwork image of people bumping fistsABOUT THIS COURSE

This course is intended to help you become a better manager by helping you more fully understand and deal with the complexities and challenges associated with managerial life in organizations. You will learn theories, principles, and frameworks that will help you more effectively manage and lead your organizations.
You will be able to:
- Analyze common managerial challenges and develop solutions to these challenges
- Use power effectively and strategically to implement organizational change
- Understand the foundations of organizational culture and decision-making
- Navigate common decision-making pitfalls and ethical challenges
- Apply principles of organization management to common challenges of management

Estimated Learning Time:  12 hours


Leadership and Management

Business Psychology


Human Resources

Change Management


Decision Making

Leadership Development

Organizational Development

People Development

Strategy and Operations


Course Instructor PhotoMichael Bednar
Associate Professor
Business Administration

Course Instructor PhotoE. Geoffrey Love
Associate Professor
Department of Business Administration, Gies College of Business

  • Managing the Organization
  • Fee: $59.00

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