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Financing and Profiting from Innovation for Corporate Entrepreneurs   

scribbles of ideas around a lightbulb graphicABOUT THIS COURSE

This course is for aspiring or active corporate entrepreneurs who wants to understand how to secure and manage funding for their corporate venture. We will demystify key accounting and financing concepts to give corporate entrepreneurs a guide to developing the business case for their ideas, and securing funding to translate ideas into reality.

This course focuses on four key areas:

• Learning the fundamentals and how to create financial statements for new ventures within the corporate environment;
• Examining valuation techniques for understanding how to assess and grow the value of the corporate venture;
• Exploring the different sources of internal and external financing for the corporate venture; and
• Applying lessons learned in the course to structure a funding deal and pitch the corporate venture.

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Difficulty Level: BEGINNER

Estimated Learning Time:  9 hours


Business Analysis

Critical Thinking



Human Resources

Investment Management

Leadership Development

Leadership and Management

Research and Design

Strategy and Operations

Decision Making

Risk Management



Budget Management

Business Communication


Problem Solving

Data Analysis


Course Instructor PhotoMichael R. Pratt
Lecturer of Technology Entrepreneurship
Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech)

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