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Documentary Film Making for Fun and Profit   

Film is an incredibly powerful way to tell a story, but it can also be a daunting project to undertake. How do you develop your story, theme, and vision? How will you tackle the technical aspects, from lighting to audio to editing? If the uncertainties are causing you to reconsider making films, then this class is a must for you. You'll learn how to identify a great subject and define your vision, research your subject, choose the equipment you'll need, shoot your footage, create a post-production workflow, write a compelling pitch, and create a trailer to gain funding and support. You'll be able to generate a variety of end products, including videos for social media, and still photos. Whether you're looking to create shareable videos on social media or produce a bigger project, this class will help you simplify the process and begin to create films for clients or to fulfill your own artistic vision.


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