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Abstract Acrylics and Collage   

This course features a combination of two very beautiful and expressive media in fine art: abstract painting, with acrylics in this case, and collage (coming from the French word for glue). These two complementary processes produce dynamic results together--the abstract painting is emotional and free, celebrating pure design and the beauty of color, shape, and line. And the collage adds edge and structure and maybe contrast through the cutting and pasting aspect. The acrylic paint is water-soluble and versatile, and sticks the whole thing together, easily creating various textures on the surface of the work at the same time. The process for the classes includes generating concepts for each project, group discussions, critiques, and sharing information, demonstrations, and about 4 projects, each taking 2-3 class sessions to complete. No homework unless you want to do it. See Textbooks and Supplies for supply list. Students who take this class are invited to participate in our Summer CE Student Art Show. Visit our Art Show page for more information.


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