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Building Your Own Cloud Websites   

Have you ever wondered how websites work? Have you ever considered building your own website and publishing it on the Internet? Do you think a career in information technology might be for you, but you want to learn more about different IT career roles before committing to a degree or training program? This is the class for you! In Building Cloud Websites, we will start with simple web page authoring. From there, we will build up one lesson at a time, and soon you will be creating complex web sites with multiple programming languages. (You don’t have to learn all the languages – at least not all at once! We’ll just show you just enough of them to get them all working together for you.) You will also get a free Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account for practice, and we will show you how you can publish your own web sites with a cloud provider like AWS. This course includes detailed guidance and instructor-led support every step of the way. Learn a lot, in very little time! Would you like hands-on experience with core technologies behind websites in the cloud? Through this class, you’ll soon understand everything it takes to host content in the cloud. 




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