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Late Fee for CEU   

Late Fee for CEUS

  • Late Fee for CEU 

  • Item: 36804   

  • Fee: $20.00

    No set class time.

  • CEU Fee: Continuing Education Units or CEUs verify the completion of a class which is often required of individuals employed as au pair(s) in the US.

    Clock Hours Fee: Teachers can earn Clock Hours with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for their Continuing Education class.



  • Late Fee for CEU • WINTER 

  • Item: 26775      Fee: $20.00

  • Instructor: Myra Kaha

  • Dates: 3/20/2024 - 3/20/2024   Times: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

  • Sessions: 1 W; 0 hours

  • Building:    Room: TBA

  • Note for virtual classes (Building listed as "online"): You will receive an email 2 business days before your class starts with the login information (unless otherwise noted). If you do not receive the email, contact us at so we can make sure you can join your class.


  • Giving a class as a gift? Please provide the contact information for the person attending the class, not the person paying. You can use your email to keep it a surprise- and we'll send you a gift certificate to give!

  • CE classes are intended for adults 18 and up unless otherwise noted. Please see Continuing Education Policies to learn more about our underage waiver, refund, and cancellation policies.

  • Are you an au pair? Do you need documentation for work that you attended class? Don’t forget to register for the CEU or Clock Hours fee.


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