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Tai Chi Ruler: Simple Exercises for Health and Longevity   

Tai Chi Ruler (Chih) is a form of Taoist Yoga (Dao-yin) that features 12 easy-to-learn exercises that are practiced with (or without) a Chih, a special wooden dowel that is held between the palms to help guide the circulation of vital energy (Qi). Easier to learn than Tai Chi with all the same great health benefits, Tai Chi Chih is a complete low-impact aerobic system that relieves stress, improves respiration, increases circulation and enhances neuro-muscular coordination.


  • Tai Chi Ruler: Simple Exercises for Health and Longevity • SUMMER


  • Item: 10801      Fee: $109.00

    Instructor: Dennis Sharp

  • Dates: 6/28/2022 - 8/16/2022   Times: 10:00 AM - 10:55 AM

  • Sessions: 8 Tu; 8 hours

  • Building: WC Bldg   Room: Room 0829F

  • Location: 9600 College Way North Seattle, WA 98103

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