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Bone Health! Steady and Strong™ Boot Camp   

Did you know that half of all adults aged 50 and older are at risk of breaking a bone and should be concerned about bone health? Bone Health! Steady and Strong™ Boot Camp is a two-week program designed for individuals with bone density concerns based on the principles of Too Fit to Fall or Fracture.

Classes are taught by a licensed Physical Therapist certified in Bone Fit and incorporate strengthening, flexibility, balance and endurance exercises. Participants are also educated in how to safely modify daily activities for spine health. Participants will be given instructions on how to complete this program at home for continued benefits. Wear comfortable clothes and supportive shoes.

NOTE: This event will be held off-campus at the Homewood Community Engagement Center.

Prerequisite: Members who sign up for the Boot Camp should have completed the Better Balance! Steady and Strong™ course. Enrollment is limited, so please only sign up if you meet the prerequisite AND can attend both sessions.


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