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Short Stories of the First World War   

Scholars often describe the First World War as a “literary war,” remembered and described by a generation of educated, literate participants. However, the focus of these discussions often stops at novels and poetry. This class will look at some of the many magnificent short stories inspired by the Great War. Together, the class will read a selection of stories that negotiate the feelings of increased haste and uncertainty instilled by modern warfare, as well as the feelings of fear, grief, and dark humor that are all part of war. Each week, members will discuss the author of the story, examining how their unique wartime experiences inspired their writing and impacted their lives. The course will also consider the various aspects of the war that each story addresses, including changing gender and family roles, injury and trauma, wartime politics, and the work of remembering. This class will cover a range of genres and voices, providing a look at the diversity of voices and stories to emerge from this period.