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Opera in Depth: The Barber of Seville   

Participants will take a deep dive into The Barber of Seville, a comic opera of unbelievable energy, especially during the first act, in which nine of the most popular moments in all opera are packed into less than forty minutes of music. Why was Gioachino Rossini called "Signor Crescendo" and how could he write an opera in a few weeks? Why were some of the solo pieces in The Barber of Seville termed cavatinas and some arias? Explore the bel canto music in depth to appreciate the overture, the coloratura, the stretta, and the patter. Learn about the astonishing amount of history surrounding The Barber of Seville and the near fiasco opening night. Meet Rosina, the count, Dr. Bartolo, and the barber Figaro. Explore Figaro’s famous music and what a barber pole symbolizes. This course will even include some Rossini-inspired recipes.

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