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Instructions for Course Registration   


  • RENEWING MEMBERS SIGN IN; then proceed to the Join/Renew Membership Area. Add a Membership to your cart. Then, proceed to add courses to your cart and check out from your shopping cart. 

  • NEW MEMBERSCreate an account and sign in to it. Go to Join/Renew Membership Area & add a membership to your cart. Proceed to add courses to cart and then check out/pay from your shopping cart.

  • If you are not signed in; if your membership is not current; or a membership is not in your shopping cart, the “add to cart” option will not be available. 

  • When you are signed in, your name will appear under the OLLI at Pitt logo on top left of this page. If you need help, contact the OLLI staff at

  • DROP A COURSE - email the OLLI office at and let us know the course name


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