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The Brief Insider's Guide to Virginia Wine  

The local wine industry has become an important feature of Charlottesville's landscape. This course will provide an overview, designed to help casual wine drinkers and enthusiasts get a better appreciation of the industry and a background on how it all comes together. Topics will include: 1) history and background of the industry, current status, and future challenges; 2) key decisions and steps involved in starting and operating a vineyard; 3) the science and art of making wine - methods, equipment, and decisions involved; and 4) an on-site visit to DuCard Vineyards in Madison County, where we will walk through the vineyard and the winery to see it all first-hand, and also do a tasting. NOTE: Wine tasting at DuCard will involve a separate $15 fee; transportation is on your own. Wine will also be available (optional) for purchase separately, at the first three sessions, as an aid to the topic but also to help illustrate the vineyard and winery operations discussions.