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Climate Change: Policy Options and New Technologies   NEW!

Global warming and resulting climate change are the 21st century's most important environmental problems. Beginning with a brief introduction to the science of climate change, we will then examine the new scientific finding on climate change impacts, feedback loops, and tipping points such as sea level rise and ocean acidification, melting polar ice, species migration and extinction, increases in extreme weather, and effects on human health. Having determined the extent of the problem, we will study what can be done to slow or halt climate change such as clean wind and solar technologies, carbon taxes, and government regulations.

Suggested Reading
Kolbert, Elizabeth. 2006. Field notes from a catastrophe: man, nature, and climate change. Bloomsbury USA. New York, New York.

Nordhaus, William. 2013. The climate casino: risk, uncertainty, and economics for a warming world. Yale University Press. New Haven, CT