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On Counting for Something: At Any Age and Under Any Circumstance   NEW!

A necessary condition for happiness is the belief that we count for something, that we matter, that we are an asset rather than a liability on the world's balance sheet. Post-retirement, our children with families of their own, financially comfortable, and a relatively free schedule - we may ask-ourselves if we still count for something? Let's review why we counted in the past, why we still count now, and how we can matter wherever we live, whatever our condition, and at any age. Einstein highlights the counting problem: "Many of the things you can count, don't count. Many of the things you can't, really count." So deciding what we can each do to still matter is the on-going challenge of act three of life.


  • On Counting for Something: At Any Age and Under Any Circumstance (WELL020) 

  •   This course has been cancelled.