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Michie Tavern: Jan. 27 – “A Multitude of Novel Follies”; Edgar Allan Poe at UVA   

Since opening its doors in 1825, the University of Virginia—the “hobby” of Jefferson’s old age—has become one of the nation’s most renowned institutions of higher learning. This modern-day status, however, disguises the pains taken in its inception. The University’s founding was a process of many years, much sweat, and considerable debate. But a few years later, during the school’s second session, a young scholar enrolled who was destined to pen brilliant poems and dazzling works of fiction. One of his first biographers, however, wrote that Poe, “known as the wildest and most reckless student,” was expelled from U.Va. Is that true? In October of 1895, the Charlottesville and UVA community suffered “a catastrophe of the first magnitude,” an overpowering inferno that gutted Mr. Jefferson’s gorgeous Rotunda, centerpiece of his “academical village.” Those who battled the blaze for several hours, however, not only saved a number of precious items—including a marble statue of the founder—but also displayed an uncommon degree of heroism.

Join us at Michie Tavern for all three lectures!

· Jan. 27 – “A Multitude of Novel Follies”; Edgar Allan Poe at UVA

· Feb. 10 – “A Most Fearful Calamity”; The 1895 UVA Rotunda Fire

The lectures begin at 10:30 a.m. A question-and-answer period follows at 11:15, with lunch at 11:30. The $30.00 fee for each event includes the lecture and lunch with the speaker. Using OLLI’s online registration system or the form at the back of this catalog, sign up early to attend one, two, or all three presentations and to enjoy a traditional, colonial, Michie Tavern lunch, as well. (Minimum enrollment: 25, Maximum capacity: 75)

Rick Britton is an award-winning historian who’s written extensively on the history of the Virginia Piedmont. He’s the author of Jefferson: A Monticello Sampler and 2015’s Virginia Vignettes: Famous Characters & Events in Central Virginia History. A much-sought-after speaker, he teaches classes on central Virginia history, conducts tours, and illustrates maps for history books and websites.

 NOTE: You must be an OLLI member for the spring 2022 semester to participate in this special Winter Session. The registration deadline is the Friday before each lecture; no refund requests will be accepted after that day.  Snow date: February 17