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Beyond the Basics: Part II of Yes, You Can Learn to Draw   

If you recently took Yes, You Can Learn to Draw (OLLI Fall 2021) and want to learn more, this course will provide time for practice and feedback. We will explore the geometry and patterns of the world around us, including nature, man, and the things we love. 

*Recommended supplies: 

ESSENTIALS—Bring that “can-do” attitude and willingness to go beyond where you are. For the first class, bring something you have drawn to share and your favorite drawing tools and paper. Invest in and bring a sketch book you will add to regularly. Great line to use is Stillman and Birn; there are several weights of paper to pick from depending on if you want to add watercolor or use inks. These journals are available at the Art Box in Crozet and at the Plaza with Foods of all Nations or online at

There are MANY books on drawing. Find your favorite and bring to share! My favs are Edwards, Betty. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Lohan, Frank J. The Drawing Handbook;  and Martin, Judy. Sketching  School.