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Discovering Joyce Chopra's Smooth Talk   NEW!

Winner of the Grand Prize for best dramatic feature at the 1986 Sundance Film Festival, Joyce Chopra's Smooth Talk instantly became - and remains to this day - both iconic and controversial. In this course, we will analyze and interpret Smooth Talk as a work of art, as a strategic rewriting of a Joyce Carol Oates short story, and as a focal point of critical commentary. To stimulate and inform each week's discussion, participants will identify and present significant interpretive (as opposed to factual or evaluative) problems.

Reading/Viewing: Smooth Talk on DVD, available at Amazon Prime and NetFlix as well as local video shops and libraries. "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" a casebook edited and introduced by distinguished scholar Elaine Showalter. Contents: the Oates story and many examples of critical reaction to it as well as the film.