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The Maastricht Treaty at 30: The European Union in International Relations    NEW!

Heralded at its inception in 1992 as transformative, the Maastricht Treaty on European Union outlined the aspirations of the modern EU through its vision of a common currency, deeper integration, borderless travel, and the advancement of “European” over traditional national interests. While celebrated then as the birth of a new international order, in recent years the EU has faced challenges unanticipated 30 years ago. While “Brexit” made headlines, deeper zones of friction persist. Uneven economic performance, eastward expansion, immigration, and the eruption of populist political movements are but several fault lines across the continent. This course will examine the aspirations and reality of EU politics in the past three decades and the challenges and opportunities the EU faces on the global stage.

Suggested Reading: Reading material will be provided to those enrolled.


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