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VINOD CHACHRA IMPACT LAB READY TO APPLY AT NO COST? > K-12 Provisional to Professional Pathway

EDUC 562 - Classroom and Behavior Management   

Classroom and behavior management in teaching is vital for creating an effective learning environment. It involves using research-based techniques to build classroom communities, offer positive behavior support, and implement individual interventions. These approaches aim to enhance emotional well-being, instill proper conduct, and foster skills in line with educational standards. Additionally, it's essential to adopt culturally responsive methods that consider cultural influences on behavior and learning. Effective classroom management includes redirection of behavior, social skill development, and crisis management. Teachers must tailor strategies to students' developmental needs, ensuring a safe and engaging environment for optimal learning.
  • EDUC 562 - Classroom and Behavior Management
  • Fee: $1,083.00
    Credit Hours: 3.00
    Professional Dev. Contact Hours: 0
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