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OSHA 10 Safety Certification   NEW!

Safety Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulates construction safety, and certifies workers on safety practices. OSHA 10 (first level) provides 10 hours of safety training: intro to OSHA, personal protective equipment, stairways and ladders, electrical, fall protection, confined space, scaffolds, cranes, excavations, and materials handling. This is a 10-hour course in construction workplace safety. As an OSHA 10-hour certification course, students are expected to spend a minimum of 10 hours in the course. Course topics include: Introduction to OSHA, Struck and Caught Hazards, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, Ladder Safety, Excavation Safety, Scaffold Safety, Materials Handling, Crane Safety, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Permit-Required Confined Space Entry. Course Purpose and Objectives: Employers who have trained their workers with the OSHA Outreach Program for Construction have seen reductions of up to 66% in lost-time injuries. This 10-hour construction safety course is intended to provide instruction on a variety of general construction safety and health standards. Upon successful completion of all modules within this course, students will receive the OSHA 10 safety certification. Learning Outcomes: 1. Explain the importance of OSHA in providing a safe and healthful workplace to workers covered by OSHA 2. Identify struck-by and caught-in or caught-between hazards associated with serious construction-related injuries 3. Identify safe work practices around electricity, including understanding electrical terms, basic electrical safety principles, and regulations which pertain to electrical safety 4. Understand the dangers involved in excavations and how to take responsibility and work safely around trenches and excavations 5. Know types of fall hazards and how to prevent falls in your work environment by using appropriate fall protection 6. Identify the crane safety requirements for the construction industry, and explain how to avoid accidents and identify hazards when working on or around cranes 7. Understand ladder hazards and ladder-related injuries and how to select, inspect, and maintain ladders 8. Properly use, maintain, store, and dispose of materials including safe operation of cranes, rigging, and mechanical equipment 9. Identify a confined space, its hazards, requirements for confined spaces as listed under the Confined Spaces in Construction Standard, and duties and responsibilities of confined space workers 10. Select a variety of PPE based on a workplace evaluation and types of hazards 11. Recognize types of scaffolds and how to safely use them.


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