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Road Flagging Certification   NEW!

Prepare for road flagging certification. Learn to establish and maintain a safe traffic flow in a construction zone, understand hazardous and safe behaviors in flagger situations, and review material to successfully pass the Washington State 3-year flagger certification examination. Continuing Education class. This course provides flaggers with the basic knowledge, information and awareness to perform their jobs safely. After completing the course, students receive a wallet-size card certifying their training. The card is valid for three years. Course Purpose and Objectives: The purpose of this course is to instruct students to identify and recognize safe traffic flow, and to identify and be able to handle traffic control situations. Successful students will receive a Washington State 3-year flagger certification. Learning Outcomes: 1. Receive and communicate specific instructions clearly, firmly, and courteous. 2. Move and maneuver quickly. 3. Control signaling devices, such as paddles. 4. Understand and apply safe traffic-control practices.


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