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Watercolor Painting - Beginning   

Class Overview

Expand your creative expression by learning how to paint with watercolors! During this beginning-level hands-on class, you'll tap into your own inherent creativity through lectures and guided exploration, as well as gain inspiration from great works of art.

Learn the basics of traditional watercolor techniques, through lectures, discussion, and experience. You will be guided in developing skills and techniques with the paint and materials. Explore the use of colors. Discover how to combine watercolor with other media and materials such as ink and graphite.  

In this class, enjoy an introduction to some art history. You will have the chance to work with a variety of subject matters ranging from still life, to examples by master artists, to abstraction, as well as your own imagination. The class will evolve as we go, to meet the individual interests of the students in the class.


Supplies Needed

Please bring any watercolor supplies you already have, but do not buy anything before the first class. The instructor will review materials on the first day of class.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn basic watercolor theory
  • Discover how to pair watercolors with other mediums
  • Practice painting under the direction of a skilled artist


Who Might Enjoy this Class

  • Beginning artists
  • More experienced artists who seek to expand their creative expression
  • No experience needed; everyone is welcome!

Watercolor Painting - Beginning

We recommend registering early!  Many of our classes will fill up, and we are unable to process registrations the day the class starts, 4/12/2023.  

Item: Spring37368 Yulia Chubotin
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM 14 Class Hours
Sessions: 7 W Room: SC - FA - Art Studio - FA0404, ,
4/12/2023 - 5/24/2023 Fee: $209.00

*** Schedule Notes: None

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