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Macro Photography   

Class Overview

Would you like to explore new techniques, perspectives and images in your photography? Macro photography can help you gain exciting new perspectives that will transform your photos and activate your imagination and passion for photography.

Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects and living organisms like insects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph appears larger than life size. Skills for macro photography can be acquired with practice. In this class you we will explore what defines macro photography, how to find subjects, factors such as texture, color and contrast, and best practices for setting up your shots. We will also review equipment and technical considerations such as depth of field, aperture and light.

By taking this class, you will visualize the photos that you can take differently and can determine what level of precision you are striving for and how to achieve it. Learn to see light and images in a new way, as you never have before. Make your photos artistic and creative, qualifying as fine art or abstract images.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • Define macro photography 
  • Understand best practices of how-to setup a macro shot
  • Find subject matters (textures, colors, contrast) 
  • Be familiar with the equipment and how close each piece of equipment can get you of your subject
  • Understand depth of field, understand which aperture is the best to capture the feeling of the image 
  • Know how to used light, in a close-up scenario: Were you position your light, what type of light is critical for macro photography

Who Should Take This Class?

  • Anyone interested in textures and color in photography 
  • Abstract art enthusiasts 
  • Basic photographers looking to understand the limitation of your lenses / camera 
  • People seeking a new creative challenge and perspective that captures your imagination
  • All levels in photography are welcome thought it is helpful that you have a basic knowledge of your camera 


Macro Photography
Item: 29490   Juan Aguilera
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM  SCONL
Sessions: 6 W  Room: Online, ,
11/3/2021 - 12/8/2021  Fee: $219.00

This class is held online by videoconferencing. It is led by an instructor(s) in real-time as an interactive class experience. To attend and participate fully you will need access to a computer or device with video and a microphone, plus high-speed internet connection. Instructions to access the class will be emailed to you by the instructor or staff member before the class begins. Note: part of this class might be recorded, for the students and instructor to use for review only; recordings will be deleted after the end of the quarter.

Number of Sessions: 6

Online: Wednesday, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

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