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Spanish - Level 5   

Class Overview

Spanish language students, vámonos! Continue building your language skills in this interactive class. Gain practical everyday vocabulary and expressions, while developing intermediate conversational skills. Gain more understanding and knowledge of Spanish-speaking cultures. You will become more acquainted with essential Spanish grammar, including subjunctive and future perfect, while developing practical listening, speaking and reading skills. Required text: Como se Dice…?, 10th Edition. ASIN: B00198H54Q. Check online for best prices. 

Learning Outcomes

During/by the end of this class, you will:

  • build better vocabulary
  • learn new idioms and expressions
  • improve reading comprehension and oral communication skills
  • gain exposure to several selections of literature in Spanish by authors from Spanish speaking countries
  • enhance appreciation of different cultures

Required Textbook

Como se Dice…?, 10th Edition. ASIN: B00198H54Q

Who Should Take This Class?

Prerequisites: 4 quarters (80 hours) of Spanish study or equivalent

  • Students who are currently learning Spanish (intermediate to advanced) -- even if you've not read much in Spanish before
  • Avid readers who particularly enjoy books written in Spanish
  • Spanish students who wish to improve advanced reading comprehension and oral communication skills at the same time


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